TSF 25 is a free and open event, available to all interested participants and attendees free of charge. However, in order to help offset costs so that the current TSF club won’t face a huge financial burden, we’re asking each participant to contribute a donation. This donation would be completely optional and would go towards the following:

  • Venue rental costs (including any technical needs and personnel required by the venue)
  • Promotional costs (fliers, posters, playbills, tickets, etc.)
  • Costs to reserve after-party spaces and provide reasonable catering

Based on our estimates, if each participating alum donates $20.00, everything should be covered without TSF or any organizers having to pay huge amounts of out pocket. However, feel free to donate whatever amount you feel comfortable with — $1, $5, $10. Again, this donation is 100% optional, so no worries if you’re unable to do so.

We would also like to clarify that this event will be fully not-for-profit. Any funds raised in excess of our costs will be donated to TSF’s student organization account, where it will be used by the current club to book shows on campus and travel to festivals.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the event organizers, or send us an email at

You can donate to TSF 25 via PayPal here, or by clicking the “Donate” button below:

TSF 25 Donate