Some schedule details are still being determined, but in the meantime, our tentative schedule is below:


7pm – Check-In – Hippodrome Bar & Gallery

8pm – Friday Showcase – Hippodrome Downstairs (FREE). A TSF retrospective for all Strike Force members, past and present.

  • Act I – Opening Remarks and Videos
  • Act II – Short-Form Showcase (TSF Short-Form Team featuring TSF’s hilarious alumni)

Late Night – Drinks and Hang-out – Gainesville Ale House (on Archer Road)


Side-Stage Events – UF Campus (FREE). CSE E119. (Computer Sciences & Engineering Building, downstairs underneath the “french fries” sculpture.)

  • 2:00pm – Dead Presidents – A mixer show featuring past TSF presidents and creative directors from over the years. (ft. Erik Voss, Liz Anderson, Katie LeBlanc, Rudy Mendoza, Patrick Hart, Brad Hersch, Johnny Efstathiades, Adriana Robles)
  • 2:30pm – Aracka – A reunion show by the hilarious late-2000s indie short-form team. (ft. Rich Camillucci, Chris Mullet, Augie Artiles, Robert Colomberti, Tim Anderson, Steve Reale, etc.)
  • 3:00pm – AM Radio – TSF’s beloved musical improv team from 2008-2010 reunites for one more reprise. (ft. Erik Voss, Jennifer Francis, Maxx Mann, Shawn McWhinnie, Marcella Rodriguez, Tim Anderson, Joey Brennan)

  • 3:30pm – Sharkpunch – The all-star indie long-form team comes back together. (ft. Rudy Mendoza, Johnny O’Mara, Tim Anderson, Shawn McWhinnie)

  • 4:00pm – A.C.I.I. – The illustrious members of Anatomically Correct Improv Ink blast back from the late 1990s. (ft. Joe Tex, Jessica Rogers, Ed Zeltner)

  • 4:30pm – TSF Chicago – A special showcase of TSF alums currently tearing it up in the Windy City, the home of improvisation and most TSF alums. (ft. Bill Arnett, Padraic Connelly, Jessica Rogers, Spencer Hamilton, Johnny O’Mara, Liz Anderson, Jacki Schwarz, Robert Colomberti)

  • 5:00pm – PANEL – Doing Comedy in Chicago, w/ Erik Voss (moderator) and Bill Arnett (Chicago Improv Studio, iO)

  • 5:30pm – PANEL – The Big Three: New York, LA, Chicago, and Beyond, w/ Erik Voss (LA) Padraic Connelly (Chicago), Joe Tex (New York), and Tom O’Donnell (Beyond)

  • 6:00pm – PANEL – Going Digital: Preparing for a Media Career, w/ Erik Voss (CBS, Splitsider), Justin McElwee (ESPN), Katie LeBlanc (Comedy Central), Filup Molina (Defy Media, Tobuscus), and Adriana Robles (The Onion)

9:30pm – Saturday Showcase – Hippodrome Cinema (LIMITED SEATING). A showcase of TSF’s Sunday Group, and Sunday Group alums now doing big things in the professional improv world.

  • GROUP 1 (The Sunday Group, Dylan Rigsby, Jacki Schwarz, Brad Hersch, Nick Slater)

  • GROUP 2 (Rudy Mendoza, Spencer Hamilton, Katie LeBlanc, Liz Anderson, Robert Colomberti, Tim Anderson, Patrick Hart, Johnny O’Mara, Dan Hardcastle, Amy Marty)


  • GROUP 3 (Matt Flagler, Filup Molina, Rich Camillucci, Erik Voss, Jennifer Francis, Maxx Mann, Cory Draper, Brad Berghof)

  • GROUP 4 (Bill Arnett, Justin McElwee, Ed Zeltner, Jessica Rogers, Padraic Connelly, Joe Tex, Tom O’Donnell, John Kalinowski, Jamie Armstrong)

Late Night – Drinks and Hang-Out – Location TBA.